Hello and Welcome! I'm Carla.

I’m a graduate of Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute where I studied Viticulture & Oenology (Winemaking). I’ve lived and worked as a Winemaker in different countries for almost a decade. (Including USA and Australia). Then I took the leap and made a big career change. After the birth of our daughter in October 2014, I soon realized that a “normal” 8 – 5 job is no longer for me. I completely fell in love with “everything baby”. Pregnancy is different for every woman, and it comes with unique challenges. For some women, getting pregnant is a challenge in itself. Once that precious baby is growing inside you, difficulties shift to issues like finding comfortable clothing, eating right when nothing sounds good, staying fit and healthy and trying to come up with a birthing plan. I began my career as a professional birth photographer in 2016 and decided to reach, help and connect more moms, worldwide, through blogging in early 2020.

Birth Photography (now offered in Cape Town)

My photographic style can be described as a blend of documenting and art. I don’t like forced poses and always aim to capture those spontaneous in-between moments. My approach during any shoot is very relaxed and laid back, bringing calmness and making you feel at ease. I love being outdoors and have been living on a farm all my life. I make time every day to be outside with the kids and admire the often missed and overlooked beauty that surrounds us. Small dew drops on a leaf, how 3 ants help each other to carry that slightly bigger piece, the oak tree budding in spring, beautiful sunsets….. I believe it’s this mentality that makes me a great birth photographer. If you’re all about raw, real emotion , yet modest birth photography, then we’ll be a great match!

The Birth of Marna

This was when it all changed for me. The birth of my daughter in 2014. Life as I knew it, would never be the same again. The labor was long and brutal. Afterwards it was all very blurry, but I remember at one point I was convinced I was dying (lol). I asked the midwife how much longer she thinks it will be before baby is out, and she said she guess about 15 mins. Five minutes later I held her in my weak arms. All pain forgotten.

The Birth of Herco

My son’s birth (2016) was very different. I was mentally so ready. The labor was short and almost pain free. What I felt I would describe more as “discomfort”. Just comes to show what better mental preparation can do. 


Births Photographed