We hire professional photographers for graduations, weddings etc. and yet few have the foresight to hire a specialized photographer for what would probably be one of the most important, if not THE most important day in their lives. They only take that first breath once – there are no “do-overs”. Birth photography is the recording of a moment that only has one chance to be captured. For most parents the birth of their child is one of the most important and life-changing experiences. I provide parents with breathtaking, emotional pictures of a first meeting that only lasts a couple of minutes and yet has the power to change them forever!
Anyone can buy a camera, take an online class and start a photography business. For the birth of your child, you don’t want to take that gamble. This big life event. It’s a unique moment in time, filled with an abundance of emotion. Birth photographers are experienced in working in difficult conditions, all the while being unobtrusive and discreet and not getting in the way of medical staff and other birth professionals. That is why you need to have peace of mind in knowing that you hired the right person, for your birth team.
An invaluable reason to hire a birth photographer, is to free up daddy’s hands. So he can be present to support mom, admire his newborn child, to cut the cord and watching his child grasp his finger for the first time. All of this without the responsibility of taking photos and documenting the day. These moments are often missed by mom, but they are the ones you would want to remember and cherish. Moms, get ready to fall in love with him all over again, when you see his reaction to the birth of your child! It’s this part of the photos that the daddy’s most welcome. They don’t have to “do” anything. There’s no posing and often they are relieved there’s another support person available. I have had many dads say to me afterwards that they were in the end so glad I was there.
The South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA) empower parents, photographers, hospitals and healthcare providers by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to uphold the integrity, safety and privacy of the birth space and its role players whilst allowing parents to have their birth stories captured in a beautiful manner. We are dedicated to enhancing professionalism within birth photography and bridging the gap between medicine and the humanities. The SABPA Oath of Conduct is the cornerstone of the association. Written in conjunction with medical professionals, it provides a professional integrity and conduct benchmark for the birth photography industry of South Africa. By agreeing to the oath they are responsible for upholding the safety, privacy and integrity standards outlined by both the oath and the medical institution or healthcare provider they are working at/with. Registered members enjoy a variety of exclusive resources and the company & support of other fellow registered birth photographers. Resource – http://www.sabirthphotographers.com/about-us/
Birth Photography is like getting an inquiry from a bride, wanting you to come photograph her wedding – Yes! I see it as an equally important, life changing event – but isn’t going to set a date. She’ll just call you whenever it happens. When you ask her how long she needs you to be there to cover her wedding, she doesn’t really know. Maybe 2 hours, maybe 24 hours? Oh, and the wedding might start at 2 am. When you ask her if there will be lots of natural light she says that she’ll be getting married in a dark room with no light whatsoever. Also she’s going to want the images right away to send out announcements. AND you’re not going to be able to use them anywhere on your website or blog because she wants to keep her privacy intact. How much would you be quoting this bride? Birth Photography is an investment, not an “expensive extra”. What I would give to have had these same memories of my babies’ birth stories. Frozen for years to come, when the things I thought I would NEVER forget, start to grow hazy with age.
Some moms having cesareans think there will not be much to photograph during this type of delivery. But in fact, cesarean moms probably benefit more from photographers than laboring mothers, as there will be moments you’re going to miss. A photographer will be able to fill in all those blanks, so that in the end, you will be able to see how everything unfolded. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if a cesarean will cost less than a normal birth – NO! Even though you are scheduled, babies have their own time and you could go in labor early. The result is a loss of income, as I won’t be taking on more work around your due date. Your doctor might be running behind on schedule due to emergencies and what you thought would only be 4 hours of work for me, could turn into 8 hours. Some women laboring, may only labor for 1 hour. Birth is unpredictable, but they are all equally beautiful and worthy and will be treated as such.
“Why on earth would you want photos of that?” A question I’ve heard too many times. Birth photographers do their best, not to photograph explicit nudity or make the mother feel exposed and uncomfortable. We know exactly when to lower the camera and from which angle to capture your precious baby’s birth. Professional birth photographers will capture those vulnerable moments with grace and care. Tasteful and modest. There are so many aspects to document throughout the day. More intimate photos are often captured but can only be seen by YOU! These are all YOUR photos, thanks to contracts set in place agreements can be made in regards to what, if anything is shared publicly. You should never miss out on these photos for fear of your privacy!
One of the most joyful things in life, is witnessing grandparents, siblings, uncles & aunts meet the newest member of their family. Everyone’s expressions are worth capturing! Having a birth photographer present will ensure you to never forget these faces.
Those tiny fingers, teeny feet, pouting little lips, watching them curl up in your arms, feeding them the first time, staring and studying them in detail while they sleep… You think you’ll remember, but the truth is, you won’t! With time, these precious memories get fuzzy. Having a birth photographer present will preserve these precious moments – forever!
I prefer to meet up with all prospective clients to answer questions, discuss your preferences & expectations etc. This way we get to know each other a little better. Finding a person you trust to share the most intimate day of your life with is crucial. Please get in touch to book your free consultation. I would love to grab a coffee with you to really hear your thoughts!
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